global supplemental education

  • The global private tutoring industry is projected to reach US $102.8 billion by the year 2018. (2012)
  • The global market for private tutoring is forecast to reach US$227 billion by 2022. (2016)
  • Market research predicts the private tutoring market worth to record a CAGR of more than 7% by 2022. (2018)
  • Between 2008-2011, the tutoring sector grew more than 50%. (2011)
  • Tutoring in the US is a $7 billion dollar industry. (2018)

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help children achieve their highest potential. We accomplish our mission through the dedication and passion of our franchisees and the application of our unique curriculum and proprietary teaching methodologies.

At GradePower Learning®, we:


children achieve their
highest potential


independence and


a striving for


a spirit of confidence
and enthusiasm

What our Franchisees are saying

"In 2013, I was introduced to the GradePower Learning method of helping students learn "how to learn" in addition to building academic skills in reading, writing, math spelling. The educational/speech-language pathology research is clear that a multi-sensory, language-based approach that incorporates teaching learning awareness and learning strategies to students is the best way to help students become independent learners with active minds. Once I began using the systematic, research-based approach afforded by GradePower Learning, I began to see real results with the students I was determined to help. The added component of creating a team with the student, parents, school/teachers, and GradePower Learning was another link in providing the seamless carryover of skills to the classroom. We have had our GradePower Learning franchise in Largo, FL for four years and in Palm Harbor, FL for two years. I have come to realize that we are not just teaching students the learning strategies and academic skills necessary to be successful in the classroom; we are changing students’ lives, and the lives of their families!"


Making a world of difference to students

When students come to GradePower Learning®, they are often facing challenges in one, or in many, areas of their life. Whether it’s a particular subject not making sense, or feeling overwhelmed by school in general, students and their parents come to GradePower Learning® looking for solutions, but what they end up with is much more than quick school answers.

When students leave GradePower Learning® they are no longer struggling, but feel capable and confident in their abilities, knowing that they are equipped with skills necessary to tackle challenges—any challenges, whether in school or in life—head on.