Personal communication and guidance throughout the application process and ongoing regular communication with an appointed Performance Manager.
Getting Started
Assistance with site selection, site positioning and layout, and customized area demographics.
Full service ordering and delivery of franchise materials from our custom builder. Industry leading quality point-of-sale material: “Parent Information Binder” and “Cognitive Brochure.”
Access to a national advertising team and Head Office assisted national branding campaign to complement local franchisee efforts in marketing.
Training Support
Extensive training material (in advance of opening). Online pre- and post-training modules (to advance system knowledge). Full on-site training at our Head Office facility (covering all aspects of operations). Full week of Business Training for GradePower Learning® Systems and best practices, as well as post-training follow up with Head Office representatives (including personal Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment training and certification). Weekly scheduled training and follow-up calls (for a minimum of 6 months). Regular Center Director Re-Training (composed of peer group lead discussion with focus on key advances in the industry).
Online Support
State of The Art electronic business management software facilitating the tracking of customer leads, keeping customer records, and staying organizing.
All Areas
Individualized assistance in areas of marketing, accounting, customer service, sales, and business operations. Weekly Head Office communications in the form of the “Zee Mail,” to ensure awareness of trends and system procedures. Monthly Webinars on key topics to advance knowledge and performance in the field.
Yearly on-site visits, with full site evaluation every 5 years prior to renewal.
Franchise Meeting
All Franchise Meeting every 18 months, where all locations come together to share knowledge, experience, and gain insight into company direction, as well as celebrate the past years' outstanding achievements.

Characteristics of Franchisees:

Have a strong belief in the value of education
Enjoy working with children
Enjoy a professional business environment
Possess integrity, honesty, and good common sense
Enjoy working independently within a structured environment
Are ambitious and dedicated to growing their business

Are you a good fit?

Our most successful franchisees are people who want more from life. They are people who understand that there is no loyalty or security working for someone else. Our franchisees want to control their future, they want to contribute, and they want to give back. They want to help families with what matters most: the success of their children. They know there is nothing more rewarding than to see a child develop high self-esteem and become more and more confident in all facets of their life.
We know your decision to go into business is a monumental one for you. However, we want you to know that we understand what it takes to become successful in business. We have the know-how, training, support, and everything you will need to make your decision one that will positively impact you and your family for many years to come. Opportunities like GradePower Learning® do not come by very often. We encourage you to take the time to learn about our industry, our business, and our company. We are sure you will be impressed by what you see and hear. We know we offer something special, and we hope you see that as well.

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What our Parents are saying

"Four years after moving to the US, my son who was French educated at the time of moving, continued to struggle in English and therefore every other subject especially math. After trying our best to help him, we finally decided to seek outside help and decided to go with GradePower Learning because we were promised that our son will learn studying skills that will help him make it on his own, without their or others’ help in the future. And sure enough, our son exceeded his teachers’ expectations and a few months after tutoring has stopped, and him moving to middle school, he is excelling at math, English subjects, science and all other subjects. He was taught organizational, analytical and research skills that have helped him excel and be one of the top students in his class. I am grateful for the boost in self confidence that GradePower had helped my son gain, something that I could not have done on my own. Thank you."