A different way to learn

The idea of GradePower Learning® began in the 1980s when the founding group of cognitive scientists and educators gathered to discuss the latest trends in education and particularly the emerging science of cognition — learning about learning or how the mind learns. The challenge was to find a better way to teach and to test students using the latest brain science. Mindless repetition until mastery was still the order of the day (as it often is today), and the group of founders knew there was a better way to teach so kids could learn and not just memorize: a way to turn on the power of the active mind.

What emerged was the proprietary GradePower Learning® System of Learning and Cognitive Development which involved inventing a new way to teach, which we called Interactive Coaching, a new way to test, which we named a Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment and, finally, a whole new curriculum that embedded the science of cognition right into the scope and sequence of the material. With this innovation, a new era in teaching and tutoring was born.

Finally, there existed a fresh approach to instruction that put the learner first. Education has always been about preparing our children to become functional, successful, and happy adults with self-esteem that was earned, not faked or awarded simply for showing up. This innovation ushered in an approach that cared whether or not children actually understood instead of just caring about them memorizing enough material to get a good grade. With the Cognitive Development model in place, students began to not only get better grades, but to also develop a deep and profound sense of confidence and self-esteem as learners — and they were having fun!

That’s The GradePower Learning® Way.

What our Franchisees are saying

"We are thrilled with our decision to open a GradePower Learning franchise. We have come to realize that we aren't only helping students learn; we are changing lives!"


A new way of learning

In order to allow us to pinpoint specific learning strengths and weaknesses, a student’s GradePower Learning® program begins with our Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment. From the information gathered through the assessment — academic achievement levels, learning styles, cognitive strengths, and overall potential — a completely individualized program is designed that results in individual, dramatic successes for each of your students.

We are different from all tutors and other supplemental education franchises. Our Interactive Coaching, Proprietary Curriculum, and Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment are tools that only our franchisees possess in order to encourage the student’s active participation in the learning process. Using these tools, students can jump ahead at school and experience continued success for life.

Your GradePower Learning® programs energize the cognitive ability of the student to absorb and to process information. They provide learning tools for life. Differentiate yourself in your community while making a difference in children’s lives by using our unique programs to give a competitive advantage.

Interactive Coaching

We developed a new way of teaching to help students become strong, motivated independent learners: we call it Interactive Coaching. Our goal as educators is to help students to become independent learners, motivated to learn on their own. Our proprietary teaching process achieves this by showing our students how to better use the learning strengths they possess, combined with new learning skills we teach to overcome any weaknesses. It’s an approach that fosters a balance between instruction and self-directed learning, and it leads to more confident students.


Teaching children in a unique way requires that students have better learning materials to learn from; that’s why our Learning Development Team developed and wrote our own proprietary curriculum that we have been using successfully for over 30 years. Our unique curriculum focuses on developing generalized cognitive learning skills while students learn to master the basic academic concepts taught in school. The result is a one-of-a-kind learning experience that creates better grades and better learning and thinking skills for life while fostering motivated, independent students.


Our industry-leading, fully-licensed testing protocol combines a variety of well-respected subtests that balance academics with learning potential to give assessors a clear picture both of a child’s academic standing, as well as his or her cognitive learning strengths and weaknesses. The testing is dynamic, allowing the to tweak the test to the student’s needs and skills during the testing process so that the student doesn’t get bored and we get the best sense possible of every child’s capabilities in a variety of testing situations.