Our learning Principles

The industry of education is ever changing and we all need to work together to help prepare our children and our country for the forthcoming transformations. A pivotal way to do so is through the industry of supplemental education, which has seen tremendous growth due to the present education environment.

We develop new cognitive skills in our students. We do not just tutor academic skills. Our programs make changes in the way students work, not only for the present year, but for the rest of their lives. Our programs are an investment in each student’s future and most importantly, they work!

Our Process

GradePower Learning® has a unique approach to learning through a methodology not found at any other tutoring franchise in North America.


Our unique Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment shows us how students learn, their cognitive strengths and weaknesses, their learning styles, and appropriate teaching styles to suit their needs. The testing is dynamic in nature, allowing the assessor to ensure that the student stays engaged throughout the assessment process.


Our curriculum uses the science of cognitive development to instill real understanding. By introducing fundamental learning concepts in the right sequence—concretions before abstractions—students don’t have to memorize: they understand! Combining cognitive learning with academic tutoring makes us unique in the tutoring industry.


We teach students to celebrate achievements and embrace mistakes as part of the learning process. We don’t solve the problem for students; we teach students the steps involved in problem solving and encourage them as they apply those steps in all areas so that they are empowered with new ways of thinking, understanding, and learning.

Making a Difference


Education is the key to the future. As parents ourselves, and as educators, we know how important it is for children to develop strong learning skills — skills that are essential to the development of self-esteem and are the secrets to lifelong success.

Your GradePower Learning® students will learn how to learn through GradePower Learning®’s proprietary cognitive development programs — programs that set us apart from at-home tutors and other tutoring companies. We understand how important learning and cognitive skills are to a student’s ultimate success, hence why all GradePower Learning® programs are designed to develop those lifelong learning skills while helping students get higher marks.


As a GradePower Learning® franchise owner, you’ll know that excellence is possible. You will use your knowledge to inspire young minds by offering solutions that can’t be found elsewhere. Using our research-based and time-tested methods and programs, students will learn how to learn then go forth, equipped with better skills and higher self-esteem, to achieve greater success in school and in life. Successful students and happy parents can lead to a flow of referrals, which will bring even more inspiring, young minds into your center.


Achieving academic success is not just about today or about the next test. GradePower Learning® franchisees provide their students with the love of learning and the skills to succeed in school now, and throughout their lives — in high school, in post-secondary studies, in their communities, in the business world, and in all aspects of their adult lives.


Parents become involved in their child’s progress in your center. They become friends of GradePower Learning® and discover how to support and encourage their kids. The resulting gratitude and pride they feel when their children excel pays dividends when they refer other parents to you.


Build motivation by teaching students how to learn; thus, building their self-esteem and confidence.

Active Minds

Through reflecting, verbalizing, and connecting new materials to previously learned information, students develop an active mindset that sparks their motivation to learn.

Cognitive Growth

Move beyond memorization and support cognitive growth, which is vital for students to actually understand what they are learning.

Program List

R.E.A.D. Elite®

  • Ages 3 - 6
  • Reading is critical in helping children become successful students.
  • Reading skills, imagination, dedication, and achievement all develop as children build their learning skills.


  • 9th to 12th Grade
  • By developing new strategies to tackle their high school studies, teens learn how to conquer homework, tests, and assignments.
  • By building better study and time management skills, and by learning how to learn, teens get assignments completed on time, get higher marks, and get better prepared for college success.

Beyond Tutoring®

  • 1st to 8th Grade
  • Achieving school success starts with building a solid foundation.
  • Beyond Tutoring® program does that by helping children develop strong thinking and learning skills while simultaneously improving reading, writing, math, and study skills.


  • SAT 5.0 Prep and ACT 5.0 Prep for College and University
  • It takes more than just regular studying or workbooks to get the highest scores on U.S. college entrance exams.
  • GradePower Learning® customized programs help with an integrated and comprehensive approach to studying, ensuring students head into the test feeling prepared, and confident knowing that they’ll get the highest score possible.

What our Parents are saying

"We love GradePower Learning. I enrolled my five-year-old triplets in two-day a week tutoring sessions to help build their reading skills to ensure they're 100% prepared for Kindergarten. I'm very satisfied with every aspect of the program. Highly recommend."


Our Results

Better Grades are just the beginning

A GradePower Learning® franchise goes far beyond helping students get better grades: it equips a generation of students with accelerated tools to succeed both in and beyond the classroom.

As a GradePower Learning® franchisee, you’ll enhance students’ learning, helping them to:

  • Understand how to think and learn
  • Earn high self-esteem
  • Engage an active mind
  • Learn more appropriate skills for studying and success

Your students will get better grades, but that’s just the beginning! The new skills students develop will spill into social, sport, and family life — skills for a lifetime of success.

Be part of the educational movement that makes a difference. Become a GradePower Learning® franchisee today!



It’s what we do as parents: try to prepare our kids to be adults while still cherishing their childhood. Helping them build self-esteem while developing new reading, thinking and learning skills is what we all want. And, it’s what GradePower Learning® delivers.

Children are our most precious resource. When you help children, you help the whole community and you help the future. Join GradePower Learning® as a franchisee and begin the journey and adventure of a lifetime.